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Help Topics


Is your DCP with SimpleDCP? SAVE LOTS OF TIME.  You can now transfer your DCP directly to the festival without first downloading and re-uploading.…

Making a Show Drive — Video

This is the last step, copying your DCP to an external drive so you can give it to your projectionist for playback. Be aware…

Festival TechOps Training #1

Covered Items FilmMaker Tutorials Requirements Activating Making a DCP Uploading an existing DCP Delivering a DCP Showrunner Tutorials Keeping track of your filmmakers and…


AutoDCP Digital Delivery Serivces. Key features e-delivery is a monthly subscription service use it to delivery your DCP’s to supporting festivals NEW, included for…

How long does it take to make a DCP?

AutoDCP is probably the fastest DCP encoding service in the professional post production world today.   Although you may expect rapid service if you…

Festival Runner’s Guide to DCP’s

This is a quick start guide to help festival runner’s understand the DCP–which has become the industry norm for theatrical projection. Overview. Today the…

User Guide

About AutoDCP AutoDCP is a cloud-based tool for automatically creating DCPs from your content. It allows you to simply and automatically create correctly configured…

Quick Start Guide

Go to autodcp.com and click on “Activate”.  Here’s a shortcut to the button.   (NOTE: You’ll need a Dropbox account to use AutoDCP.) Once…

How to Make a DCP for Free.

Did you know you can make a DCP for Free with AutoDCP? It’s pretty easy, just follow these steps. If you have not yet…