Table of Contents

  1. Zapier notes.
  2. Webhook notes.

AutoDCP supports automatic notifications of DCP deliveries to the festival.  Notifications are in the form of messages which are easily handled by numerous 3rd party tools like Zapier and IFTTT.

An example use case is if the festival wants to track its filmmaker DCP submssions in a spreadsheet.  Using Zapier, Google Sheets and AutoDCP’s festival notification service makes it easy to automate the process.   Read further to learn about the details in working with Zapier.

If you are already familar with webhooks, and just want to integrate this into your own system, just skip to the ‘Webhook notes.’

Zapier Notes

Part (1)

  1. Create a new zap on zapier
  2. For the ‘trigger’ choose “webhooks by Zapier’
  3. Choose event “catch hook””
  4. Hit the “copy” button in the “Your webhook URL” is section

Part (2)

  1. Go to AutoDCP’s, Account Info | Managed Festivals page
  2. Click the edit/pencial button for the given festival
  3. click the ‘activate’ button to access the webhook section
  4. paste the zapier “Your webhook URL” details into the webhook/url section
  5. click set/reset to activate this on AutoDCP

Part (3)

  1. Back on zapier with the unfinished zap, “Were listening” click the ‘test trigger
  2. You should receive a message, find the SubscripbeURL and copy it
  3. Paste it into another tab to confirm the subscription
  4. back in your zap click action  (google sheets or what not)
  5. for now don’t worry about the fields, simply save the zap

Part (4)

  1. Back on AutoDCP’s account info | managed festivals | festival edit |advanced
  2. Click the ‘test’ button to send a real test record (which will contain the real fields to use within your zap)

Part (5)

  1. On zapier re-edit your zap, reload a test record in the ‘trigger’ portion (pick the latest record which will contain the fields you can embed in later steps)
  2. move on to the ‘action’ portion
  3. set the values within the action from the newly sent message to what you wish, e.g. create row in spreadsheet

Webhook notes:

  1. Navigate to account info|managed festivals page
  2. click on the edit/pencil icon for the festival to enable webhooks on
  3. click the advanced button
  4. fill in the webhook URL (must be https)
  5. set/reset to enable the service
  6. test to send out a test message

Note, your endpoint (webhook) will receive an authorization message which will contain an authorization link when you set/reset the service (step 5 above).   The authorization link must be clicked (html get request)  in order receive further notifications.   Each time you click set/reset, a new authorization link is sent and any prior ones are deprecated.   Authorization links are active for 72 hours.

Note, the ‘advanced’ feature is only available on existing festivals.   For a new festival, save the festival, and edit it again to access the ‘advanced’ feature.