AutoDCP Makes DCPs Easy!


With AutoDCP making DCPs is a cake walk! Just drag Apple ProRes or other video files into your Dropbox folder to make a DCP.


AutoDCP is cloud-based and infinitely scalable. Whether you’re creating one DCP or a thousand, you never have to wait in line.


AutoDCP uses some of the most sophisticated security algorithms available to keep your content safe.

Activate AutoDCP now!

By clicking the button on the right a new drop folder, “apps/AutoDCP” will appear within your DropBox account. Simply drag your QT’s into this folder to automatically create a DCP.

If you are with a festival that AutoDCP has parterned with, please activate using the the private button found in your festival welcome letter.  Doing so will also activate AutoDCP for you and insure the festival is able to receive your DCP.    You may still click the button here, but don’t forget to also click the link the festival has sent you.

To activate AutoDCP click the button below.   Upon clicking the button you will be redirect to Dropbox.  If you are not alrady logged into Dropbox you will be prompted to do so, and then authorize AutoDCP.  Please accept the permissions when prompted by Dropbox.  Upon success you will be returned to an AutoDCP Thank-You page.

Perfect DCPs–Seamlessly Integrated

AutoDCP integrates seamlessly with Dropbox–just drag and drop.  And AutoDCP works anywhere Dropbox works including Mac, PC and Linux platforms.

Save tons of money.

No more courier fees. No more international shipping fees. Digital DCP encoding starting at just $5 minute.

Same Day Delivery

Whether you need one file or one-thousand our cloud-based service scales to offer same day delivery on most jobs.

Digital Delivery

In most cases, we can deliver digital files directly to the theater for downloading to DC drives.

Try it FREE!

Try before you buy with our watermarked DCP service!

Flawlessly Fits Your Workflow

Whether you’re a major television studio delivering upfronts, a movie studio delivering test screenings or final DCPs to theaters or a film festival seeking to simplify the delivery process, we instantly integrate DCP delivery with one-click ease.

AutoDCP Helps Nike Commercial Win at Cine Gear Expo

AutoDCP rocks HFR SMPTE Presentation

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Friends of AutoDCP

The folks at AutoDCP love our friends.  We are actively working towards building a community of cloud based production and post production services.   Here you will find other people and services which compliment AutoDCP and our vision.

Sony Ci

DCP Transfer

Aspera, a case study, Hollywood Studio and AutoDCP

AutoDCP delivers flawlessly any time and anywhere!

Minutes encoded
DCPs created
TV pilots delivered

Try it for FREE!

You can test short clips using our free watermarked DCP service!

Easy to Use

All you do is drag your files into Dropbox. We do the rest!

Platform Agnostic

AutoDCP works anywhere Dropbox works including Mac, PC and Linux.

Totally Portable

Work with AutoDCP anywhere in the world and send files to any place in the world.

Affiliate Opportunities

Earn extra cash with our super easy affiliate program.

Festival Friendly

We can create custom DCP templates to meet the need of your Film Festival and performance venue.

Fastest, Most Economical, service in the industry!


Try it for Free! Standard pricing $5 per finished minute. Whether you want it encrypted or not.


Today most content theft occurs as a result of an “inside job.” AutoDCP is fully automated, encrypted, and uses the best security practices. Even we can’t access your content once you initiate a job.

Expedited Service

Utilizes a dedicated machine to get your DCP creation started right away. You’ll never wait in line with our expedited service

Turn Around Time

Upon receipt of your source content, full length features are often finished and returned to you that very same day. Shorts, trailers,and ads are often finished in less then a hour or two. Noone can do things faster than us!

KDM Pricing

$20 per request.

Recent Announcements.

Filmmakers, tips and stories.

Quick Start Guide

Go to autodcp.com and click on “Activate”.  Here’s a shortcut to the button.   (NOTE: You’ll need a Dropbox account to use AutoDCP.) Once you’ve successfully activated AutoDCP, the Dropbox will create an AutoDCP folder in your Dropbox account  (Dropbox/Apps/Autodcp.) …

File a Support Ticket

Can’t figure it out? File a support ticket by clicking the below button.  Please note you’ll need to be a registered user. Create a Support TicketYoutube Videos on AutoDCPinfoHelp Topics

Festival TechOps Training #1

Covered Items FilmMaker Tutorials Requirements Activating Making a DCP Uploading an existing DCP Delivering a DCP Showrunner Tutorials Keeping track of your filmmakers and their DCPs Creating the show reel Requirements Filmmakers will need the following to work with AutoDCP…

Common mistakes when making a DCP, a must read.

Here’s a short check list to insure your get the best you can out of AutoDCP. Depending on the aspect of your movie, make sure your source is of the right resolution.  Here’s are the important numbers 2.39 Aspect (most…

New Festival Setup

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AutoDCP Digital Delivery Serivces. Using AutoDCP’s e-delivery service Using our e-delivery service is easy. First things first, filmmakers need to have a Dropbox account with enough space to hold their DCP.   They will likely need to upgrade their Dropbox…


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Source Requirements for Theatrical Playback

Best practices Making a DCP with AutoDCP is easy.   Take your source, drop it in your dropbox account and voila your source is converted into a DCP for playback at any DCI equipped theater.   AutoDCP supports many source formats, and…