Simple pricing $5 per finished minute. Whether you want it 2K or 4K.    You get the DCP back right away, i.e., we don’t hold it hostage for more money later.  Festival delivery services $10/month;  with 7 day free trial to uew subscribers.  Cancel your trial subscription before the 7th day to avoid being charged the full monthly price.

What is AutoDCP?

AutoDCP is simply an app which sits inside your own Dropbox account.   It is not a post house, with lots of personnel adding to the cost of its overhead.   AutoDCP is fully automated to allow you to make a DCP yourself straight from your Dropbox account.

Who is AutoDCP?

Even though AutoDCP is fully automated, we do maintain a support ticketing system you are welcome to use, for details check out https://service.autodcp.com/support.   If you need creative help with what aspects mean, color, and all the crazy jargon associated with the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), just ask.   Our team is heavily connected to and works all the time with the Hollywood industry, and is located in the the greater Los Angeles area.   Just ask, its not hard to get us talking about so and so, and which A-list film any of us has worked on.  We are always willing to share our expertise and experience.

DCP encoding price?

Making a DCP with AutoDCP is a straight $5/minute.   For example a 7 minutes DCP will cost $35.

There are no hidden fees to using AutoDCP.  The DCP is returned to your Dropbox account upon it being made and you can do whatever you want with it, we do not have a fee for ‘owning’ it, you own it, after all its your movie.

The cost to make a 2K or 4K DCP is the same, $5/minute.   Simple change your settings to which type of DCP you wish to make before submitting the job.

AutoDCP even offers you a one time free redo, because we know mistakes often happen and there’s always a need to ‘fix’ an edit because you just didn’t see it until it screened.   Check out the details below, this benefit is only available to those who are subscribed to our  Festival Delivery services ‘e-delivery.’

Festival delivery services aka ‘e-delivery’?

Festival delivery services ‘e-delivery’ require a paypal subscription which you will be be asked to set up the first time you use the service.

Terms of using the e-delivery service include:

  1. ability to send your DCP(s) an unlimited number of times to a supported festival (aka one which is set up in our system to deliver to.)
  2. One time ‘redo’ of any DCPs made by AutoDCP, and guess what, the tab is on AutoDCP, aka it is free!    We get it, mistakes happen all the time when you are making a film, after all its collaborative process of many artists, and its a big learning experience putting something on the big screen.  If you wish to redo a DCP simply file a support ticket in our system here, and give us the job# associated with the DCP.  The only restriction on this benefit is you must be subscribed to the Film festival services (e-delivery), and your request and its first redo must be completed within sixty days of the original job, and of course it needs to be substantively the same art piece.


For more details on using the service check out this page.