When Producer Chris Roberts heard that his film Stop Traffick was selected for the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, he was pretty excited. That is until he started collecting bids for creating the DCP file required by the film festival.

“ Stop Traffick is a ten-minute short film about stopping domestic human trafficking,” said Roberts. “It is a deeply important topic and I was very excited that more people would get to see it. But when I started getting bids for creating the DCPs for the festival, they were ranging in the thousands of dollars. I was floored.”

It was about this time that Chris Roberts learned of AutoDCP and its creator, Brian Quandt. AutoDCP allowed Chris to create a DCP of his film for a small fraction of the prices he was seeing elsewhere.

“It worked just great for us,” Chris said. “We quickly signed up for the service, dragged our ProRes 4:4:4 version of the film over to Dropbox and AutoDCP did the rest. The process was unbelievably easy. All for less than one hundred dollars.”

In addition to the ease of use, Chris was impressed by how quickly the project was turned around. And the level of support that was there when he needed it.

“The customer support was above and beyond,” said Roberts. When I signed up for this cloud-based service, I didn’t think I would get to talk to anybody. But the AutoDCP team helped me figure out a few key issues. It was unbelievable.”

Chris was sure to point out that AutoDCP is a great tool for films of every size. Whether it’s a independent short film or a Studio summer blockbuster, AutoDCP fits the bill.

“AutoDCP is incredibly easy and incredibly cost effective,” said Roberts. “This is how all independent film makers should be making their DCPs.”

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