DO NOT use these instructions if your festival is using AutoDCP, ie they gave you an instruction letter with a signup link in it.   Instead follow your festival’s instructions in that letter, and or click the button below for details about using AutoDCP.

Filmmakers will need the following to work with AutoDCP
  1. Dropbox Account
    • Enough free space in their Dropbox account to accomodate their final DCP as well as their source
    • The free version of Dropbox is not big enough
    • Dropbox Professional is $20/month and includes a 30 day free trial
  2. Dropbox Desktop App installed and an ability to work with the Desktop app.  How to install Dropbox can be found HERE.  Do not use safari/chrome/IE to upload/download files directly to dropbox.com website, use their app.   Uploading large files directly to dropbox.com does not work.   Using the dropbox app on your desktop works just fine for any size file.
  3. A reliable fast network, 100mb/s or better, ie cable modem or better.  A cell phone network (5g or otherwise) is not good enough for large file deliveries, or simply will take too long.
  4. Ability to work with Paypal (paypal acount is not required, payment can be made via paypal or credit card)
  5. Ability to work with email, all notices are sent via email
  6. Filmmakers are expected to use AutoDCP themselves, ie they do the uploads and create DCP’s with AutoDCP tools.
Content requiring KDM’s, content from a major post house (eg Deluxe), or content being handled by a distributor
  • Content already in theatrical distribution should NOT use AutoDCP.  AutoDCP is best suited for indie content coming directly from a creator.  Content in distribution should use traditional delivery methods, booking, trafficking, delivery, etc.
  • Content requiring KDM’s (encrypted content), can not be handled by AutoDCP.  All logistics  related to KDM’s must be handle directly by the festival and the filmmaker.
  • Last minute reels should be handled by traditional HDD/CRU hand delivery to the projection room.

If you need a DCP made, we are happy to help you.   Cost is $5/minute (2k or 4k).

Here’s how:
  1. Activate AutoDCP  (connect to your dropbox account)
  2. sync your source to your dropbox account folder dropbox/apps/autodcp
  3. review the preflight report and when happy pay the invoice, autodcp will make a dcp and put it in your dropbox/apps/AutoDCP/dcps
  4. share the folder with your festival or whomever you like