What happens when you activate the AutoDCP Dropbox app?

When you grant access to AutoDCP, Dropbox simply creates a folder in your own Dropbox account called “Dropbox/Apps/AutoDCP”

The folder Dropbox/Apps/AutoDCP, and only this folder or folders below it, can then be read or written by the AutoDCP servers.   Anytime you drop a video into this folder, we  grab it and convert it to a DCP, and then return the DCP to another folder within Dropbox/Apps/AutoDCP/dcps.

AutoDCP does not modify any behavior in how Dropbox works, it is Dropbox doing all the leg work of moving files up and down from its servers, and storing your files, sources and DCP’s.   In fact, AutoDCP does not maintain any storage of its own.   This means, you can terminate our service at any time without any impact to your sources or DCP’s, afterall they are all in your own personal Dropbox account, not anyone else’s.   You own 100% of your DCP’s 100% of the time.

You can activate AutoDCP in two ways

  1. If you are with a festival, from its USE-THIS-LINK-TO-ACTIVATE-AUTODCP link
  2. From the front page of the AutoDCP website

You are welcome to activate AutoDCP either way.  However, if you are with a festival you must at some point click their link, otherwise you will not be able to use AutoDCP to edeliver your DCP to them.    But don’t worry, you can activate AutoDCP via method #2, and then go back later and click the festival link.   There’s no harm in whichever route you chose to activate AutoDCP.