If you have never used AutoDCP before as a festival, this page will help you understand the basic usage of AutoDCP as a festival as well as a filmmaker.

What you are going to do is simulate being a filmmaker who needs to deliver to your festival, as well as of course receive a DCP from a filmmaker.   In short you’ll be wearing two hats, a) delivering filmmaker  and b)a festival manager.

Nearly all of the below will be done from your “Managed Festivals” page.   It is located here:

  • Start by setting up a festival:  Quick Festival Setup.
  • Copy in a sample DCP that you can send to your festival.  If you don’t easily have access to a DCP, AutoDCP provides a copy-demo button on your ‘Managed Festivals’ page which will copy in a DCP for you.
  • Get your festival signup link from your festival welcome letter, and click it to signup to your own festival.
  • Visit your festival dashboard, and confirm you are now listed in your list of filmmakers.

  • Go to your “My DCPs” tab in AutoDCP, you are now switching hats pretending to be a filmmaker who is about to send a DCP to your festival.  Click the truck icon to send the DCP to the festival (ie select your own festival).   If you don’t see your festival listed, its simply because you have not clicked on your own festival signup link.
  • Once the DCP is delivered both you and the festival will be notified by email.  If you check your projection report, you’ll now see details of the DCP delivered, also in your Festival Dashboard you’ll also notice the filmmaker who sent the DCP to you now has two green lights next to their name

Made it this far?

Congratulations your festival is up and working.   Now go copy the festival welcome letter into your Filmfreeway “notify submitters” tools to send your filmmakers your DCP instructions.  Now you are one step closer to screening all your filmmakers.

Managed Festival Page Quick View:

  • Festival Dashboard:  Shows the list of filmmakers who are participating in your festival, aka those who have clicked your signup link
  • Filmmaker Welcome ‘boilerplate’ letter:  Go get your filmmaker welcome letter with instructions your filmmakers will need in order to use AutoDCP.   Your festival signup link is located in this letter.  This letter is suitable for Filmfreeway or other mailing tools like mailchip, madmimi, mailster, etc.
  • Projection Report:  As filmmakers submit their DCPs, this report will list the details about each of the submissions.  You should download this report, sort it into the order you wish for your show, and give it to the projectionist.   The projectionist will need “Film Title” and all columns preceded by “CPL_”, in order for them to load your show into their Theater Management System (TMS).
  • Edit:   Edit the festival details, name, overall due date, its logo, etc.