Is it taking too long to upload your source or an existing DCP?

Maybe it is.   If you are using an internet browser like safari, chrome, firefox, or IE, to manually upload your source, or DCP.  We strongly suggest you don’t.  Instead you should have installed Dropbox on your desktop computer and simply drag/drop your files on your desktop to the appropriate Dropbox folder (on your desktop).  Let Dropbox sync in the background, so you don’t have do worry about things, or why your browser keeps crashing.

How to tell what Dropbox is doing?

Learn what the Dropbox system tray and file icons mean, ie when is it finished syncing?  Once sync’d you are ready to either make a DCP from your source, and or delivery your DCP to your festival.

This Dropbox resource also explains a lot of the issues that might happen, check it out by clicking the button.

Let’s figure out how long it should take.

The time it takes to upload your DCP or a source file is dependent on two things.

  1. Your network speeds (its upload speed)
  2. The size of your DCP

Use ‘speedtest’ to determine your upload speed (click the picture on the right to be taken to google speedtest tool.)    The number you want is the upload speed not the download speed.  In our picture on the right, its the 11.2 mbs, not the 224.2 mbs.

Below are a couple calculators to help you figure out how long it will take.