Quick Start Guide

  1. Go to autodcp.com and click on “Activate”. (NOTE: You’ll need a Dropbox account to use AutoDCP.)
  2. Once you’ve successfully activated AutoDCP, the Dropbox will create an AutoDCP folder in
    your Dropbox account  (Dropbox/Apps/Autodcp.)  To create a DCP, simply drag your video file into this AutoDCP folder.  AutoDCP will begin processing your video file in a few minutes.  You can monitor the progress by logging in at autodcp.com with credentials emailed to you upon registration.
  3. Once completed, you will receive an email notification as well as a paypal invoice. Upon payment of your paypal invoice your finished DCPs will be found in your dropbox folder at Dropbox/Apps/AutoDCP/dcps/yoursourcefilename.  A DCP is a collection of files, not just one file.  Copy the entire contents of this folder on to external media (like a USB stick) and give this to your projectionist or festival.  Do not change the name of any of the files.

Some suggestions.

  • DCP’s are BIG, the Dropbox free 2GB account is often too small for the finished DCP.   You will likely have to upgrade your Dropbox account.  As a simple rule of thumb, plan 1GB per minute of video plus of course the size of your source video file.
  • Make sure your video file is high quality.  Afterall, a DCP is projected on the big screen.  QT Prores 422, or 444 is the preferred source material.  Small MPEG, or MP4’s will likely end up fuzzy on the big screen.
  • Your video file should be either 23.98 fps, or 24 fps.   AutoDCP can convert automatically, however it is better to do the conversion within your editing system so you have better control on the quality of the results.
  • Your video file should be one of the resolutions listed below.  If you provide other resolutions, AutoDCP will scale the content to the nearest compliant resolution.  Do not letterbox your content, unless you are consciously doing so for artistic reasons.  Many directors, like Wes Anderson use letterboxing all the time, this is not an inviolate rule.  Do not put a 2.39 movie inside of a 1920×1080 window, this creates letterboxing and masquing issues at the theater.  Instead, output a full 2048×858 movie for processing.  Here are normally used resolutions for DCP’s:
    • Flat (1998×1080), ~1.85:1 aspect ratio
    • Scope (2048×858), ~2.39:1 aspect ratio
    • HDTV (1920×1080 ), 16:9 aspect ratio (~1.78:1 aspect).  Some theaters can’t support 1.78, confirm with your projectionist or festival if 1920×1080 ie 1.78:1 aspect if okay or not.

Need more help?   Check out the COMPLETE USER GUIDE, or perhaps one of our documents below.

Additional Help

User Guide

About AutoDCP AutoDCP is a cloud-based tool for automatically creating DCPs from your content. It allows you to simply and automatically create correctly configured DCPs from anywhere and effortlessly deliver…
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Leave me comments,  this is an online document that is likely to be updated numerous times, love to hear what you want me to focus on.

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