AutoDCP Digital Delivery Serivces. Overview Studio Supported Services Paypal Subscription & Canceling Key benefits e-delivery is a monthly subscription service use it to delivery your DCP’s to supporting festivals free DCP redo’s no questions asked.   If you need to redo…

Basic 5 Steps to Using AutoDCP

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Covered Items What is a DCP and why are they used?  FilmMaker Tutorials Requirements Activating Making a DCP Uploading an existing DCP Delivering a DCP Showrunner Tutorials Keeping track of your filmmakers and their DCPs Creating the show reel Filmmakers…

Has my festival received my DCP?

If you use AutoDCP eDelivery to send your DCP to a festival it will send you an email receipt confirming the delivery. You can also confirm receipt by the following: Log into your AutoDCP account Go to your User Account…

File a Support Ticket

Can’t figure it out? File a support ticket by clicking the below button.  Please note you’ll need to be a registered user. Create a Support TicketYoutube Videos on AutoDCPTopics for FilmmakersTopics for FestivalsinfoHelp Topics — For FilmmakersinfoHelp Topics — For…

Source Requirements for Theatrical Playback

Best practices Making a DCP with AutoDCP is easy.   Take your source, drop it in your dropbox account and voila your source is converted into a DCP for playback at any DCI equipped theater.   AutoDCP supports many source formats, and…

Common mistakes when making a DCP, a must read.

Here’s a short check list to insure your get the best you can out of AutoDCP. Depending on the aspect of your movie, make sure your source is of the right resolution.  Here’s are the important numbers 2.39 Aspect (most…

Quick Start Guide

Go to autodcp.com and click on “Activate”.  Here’s a shortcut to the button.   (NOTE: You’ll need a Dropbox account to use AutoDCP.) Once you’ve successfully activated AutoDCP, the Dropbox will create an AutoDCP folder in your Dropbox account  (Dropbox/Apps/Autodcp.) …

HDR (High Dynamic Range) – Bruce Logan

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HDR (High Dynamic Range): From Too Bright to Just Right Really Seeing with HDR It seems like every year there’s a new buzz word at NAB.  One year everyone had a new camera crane… then everyone had a 3D rig……

Who uses AutoDCP?

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To date thousands of filmmakers have used it and hundreds of festivals, it has of course been used by many of the studios in Los Angeles.  Today AutoDCP continues to work heavily with the Hollywood industry and standards groups like…
Brian Quandt

Brian Quandt

Brian Quandt Director and Chairperson brian@autodcp.com 1-909-294-6879 Los Angeles California
Brian Quandt


Brian Alan Quandt; Entertainment Engineering Executive For over two decades Brian Quandt has served as a pioneer of visual and interactive technologies and businesses. He put his considerable entrepreneurial and  engineering expertise to work developing new technologies and award winning…

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