Some of my past filmmaker DCP’s were too loud, is there anything that can be done about that?

If the filmmaker is using AutoDCP to make a DCP with our tools, our system automatically runs several tests against the filmmakers source prior to making a DCP for them.   All DCP jobs submitted by a filmmaker include a “preflight report.”   This report outlines the details of the job,, plus any problems detected.   If there are any problems the filmmaker is given an option to correct the source, or can ‘approve’ the job for processing with the reported issues.  Here’s a partial list of the warnings that AutoDCP can generate:

  • too loud (< -15 LUFS)
  • low quality source file (aka highly compressed youtube video’s vrs QT prores files…)
  • bad framing, not filling frame completely (aka letterboxing when they probably should not be letterboxing).
  • resolution and scaling concerns
  • framerate issues