There is now a new folder within your DropBox folder called “apps/AutoDCP.”

To make a DCP:

  1. Simply drag a QuickTime file into this new folder.
  2. Once the file sync’s with DropBox,
  3. AutoDCP will begin to process the file.

You should also receive an email from autodcp@productiondataservices.com, which gives you your login password and further instructions.  If you don’t receive this email in a few minutes, please check your spam folder, and or possibly sign up again after you have disabled your spam settings for this email.  Feel free to contact us directly should you require more assistance.  Email and phone number listed at the top of the website.

A couple more useful items:

  1. For more help, check out our tutorial and help posts.  Here’s our Quick Start Guide.
  2. And here are step by step instructions if you are with a festival.  Using AutoDCP.

Information about your AutoDCP Account

AutoDCP Account ID: