Brian Quandt

Brian Alan Quandt; Entertainment Engineering Executive

For over two decades Brian Quandt has served as a pioneer of visual and interactive technologies and businesses. He put his considerable entrepreneurial and  engineering expertise to work developing new technologies and award winning products that allow audio and video to be experienced in a wide variety of environments—from a movie set on location in a remote village in Romania, to exhibits with Matthew Barney at the Guggenheim museum, to a Mars 3D visualization center at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories to 360 dome presentations of custom artwork to living rooms throughout the world.

Currently, Quandt is in high demand for his deep understanding of cloud-based, stereoscopic, 360 and VR technologies and business models.  Quandt’s visualization systems as well as consulting services have been used on over 100 major motion pictures in the past 10 years including My Bloody Valentine 3D, 2012, Julie and Julia, Year One, Underworld, Love Ranch, Zorro, Casino Royale and many more. Quandt has worked directly with many of the Hollywood major studios including, Fox, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate and his technology products have been used extensively by some of the largest production services companies in Hollywood including Deluxe, Fotokem, Laser Pacific, and Technicolor.

Brian was recently recognized for his long and rich career with an honorary professional degree from the Missouri School of Science and Technology.

Quandt is also involved in emerging business efforts with several international corporations encompassing new technologies for cloud computing, cinema packaging, stereoscopic cameras and visualization tools as well as these tools:

  • a fully automated cloud based DCP authoring/encoding system, Initially deployed as an internal (Warner Brothers) tool but now available to the world under the brand “AutoDCP.”
  • Development of a complete white labeled services for OTT content playback and distribution built upon the NAGRA backbone which currently services brands 50+ worldwide brands such as Studio Canal.   The platform reaches 500M daily subscribers.

These are just the latest efforts in a long and productive career of innovative
and award – winning product development. Previously, Quandt headed several revolutionary projects including:

  • Development of branded and viral entertainment technology for mobile,
    broadband and IPTV platforms. Intel adopted this as their premiere technology at Sundance.
  • Introduction of new communication technologies and HD viewing experiences for the large screen.
  • Technology that streamlined the content review and approval process
    while protecting content from piracy. The offerings ranged from watermarked DVD’s for the distribution of pilots to encrypted “cable channels” for viewing dailies or producer’s cuts through a private cable box hooked up to an everyday television, to secure content distribution to video enabled mobile devices. These services have been offered to film and TV shows including WB hit, “Supernatural.”
  • In 2002, Brian Quandt pioneered the first HD digital dailies system, “RushPlay,” which has been used on the set of many A-list motion pictures. This was the first HD dailies system deployed by the motion pictures industry.

Before turning to Hollywood, Quandt was a digital communications and video systems expert, and data encryption/security specialist developing the first software-based MPEG encoding service for the interactive digital marketplace. His expertise has also been recognized through his major contributions to the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Quandt worked closely with the ISO and has made significant contributions to the Emmy Award Winning– MPEG standard, serving as one of the founding members of the MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 committees.

From 1993 to 1998, Brian Quandt ran a joint venture between Pulitzer Broadcast and HEURIS Logic.  His role during this period included full fiscal and technical responsibility for the multi-million dollar venture while serving as the continuing technical lead to organizations like ISO, DVD Forum and liaison to the MIT Media Labs program. Brian oversaw the launch of several award-winning product lines including MPEG Power Professional, HEURIS MPEG Export Engine and DVD ConnexIT. The client list for these products included Boeing, Avid, and Apple.

Brian’s time with Pulitzer Broadcasting gained him invaluable knowledge and experience in the world of news gathering, content creation and production, transmission and the real world systems that now fully implement much of the broadcast and digital transmission community.

It was during his work with several Hollywood studios that Quandt decided
to focus his technical expertise on the film business.  He currently is a member of many of the entertainment worlds prestigious organizations including, the Society of Television and Motion Picture Engineers (SMPTE), Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF), and of course a contributor and participant in the ASC’s Motion Imaging Technology Council (MITC), and the National Associate of Theater Owners (NATO.)

As a major supporter of the arts, Brian enjoys music, opera, theatre, dance, visual arts, and of course living in the Los Angeles area.