Affiliate Sales


A sales job to help build the affiliate network for AutoDCP within the independent film festival market, in a given territory.

  1.   Track the festivals, determine their schedules, and determine the appropriate contacts to approach.
  2.   At the appropriate time contact the festival and sign them up with the AutoDCP affiliate program
  3.   Help the new affiliate learn about using the system and encouraging their filmmakers to utilize the services of AutoDCP
  4.   Work with others within AutoDCP to insure a high level of customer support and satisfaction with AutoDCP services.


We are looking for someone who has experience with the indy film industry, either as an ongoing filmmaker or someone with previous experience working with a festival, ie “behind the scenes.”  We are also looking for someone who has great communication skills as well as a great personality.


Skills/Tools used by the position:

  • Google mail, and google apps, sheets, docs, etc.
  • WordPress basics, including page management and editing.
  • WP Affiliate Platform — plugin to wordpress for affiliate management
  • MyMail — plugin to wordpress for automated email campaigns, similar to Mad Mimi ro Constant Contact

Compensation/ Job type:  Negotiable, commission + small monthly stipend, the position will be a 1099, home office type position.

Send you details to: brian@autodcp.com  Please include a link to your public linkedin profile as well as compensation requirements, or just simply follow AutoDCP on linkedin.