Facebook Page Monitoring Tool

Dumb tool.   Indy film facebook tool.   Useful to help spread the word about your latest efforts.

Facebook page monitoring tool, let’s you compare a page you manage as to which pages your page likes as well as if those pages also like you.  The point of this tool is to create a simple way to find all those pages you think should also like your page in return.

Why?   For a film to get traction, it’s good to be liking other pages which are related to your effort, but also more importantly for their page to like you in return.   It’s part of what is called amplifying your message.  How does it help?  Well if you decide to advertise on FB, you can target viewers specifically who are friends of friends, and you liking someone’s page and them liking you defines the second degree friends.

Known caveats of this tool:

    • Must be run by someone who manages the FB page (ie manage_page permission)
    • The tool should NOT require any mods to your browser settings, , however, if you have problems it might be an issue with cookies or other browser security settings, do please let us know if have such issues (screen shot to our email address and any details you can think of would be helpful).

Checked they like us, not checked they have yet to like us... go ask them to.

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Dumb tools are tools we have found or quickly made to help our friends out as well as ourselves.   They may or may not work, ie no warranty is provided, nor promise they will not hurt something.   So use at your own risk.  Why the name dumb tool, well because you’d think this stuff would be out there already in some decent form, but guess what, we gave up searching and such hacked something together.

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