Does AutoDCP delivery the DCPs to the theater?


All DCPs are delivered to the festival Dropbox folder organized in a way in which they can be copied to an external HDD for delivery to the theater.

The festival is responsible for getting the HDD to the theater.

Please note that the theater will require a HDD which is formatted either as windows NTFS, or linux ext2.   The theater can not handle HDD’s which are apple/mac formatted, or exFAT.   The HDD also must be < 2TB in size.

If you are using the Dropbox App installed on your a Microsoft Windows desktop machine, you can connect an external NTFS formatted HDD to it and set the Dropbox/Apps/AutoDCP folder to sync to it by moving your Dropbox folder location to it.   To learn more about this check out this article at Dropbox: https://help.dropbox.com/installs/move-dropbox-folder

We suggest you set up your external NTFS HDD and Dropbox in the beginning so that as DCPs are delivered from filmmakers they will sync at that time to your external HDD.   You do not want to wait until a few days before your festival starts needing to sync terrabytes of DCPs.