Need to make a DCP for you festival,  AutoDCP makes it easy, and its all done from your own Dropbox account using our Dropbox App.

You can get started with AutoDCP anytime to make a DCP.    Making a DCP costs $5/minute (2k or 4k).   If you need help at anytime feel free to ask for help, we’ve been doing this for years and have quite a bit of experience whether its a short or a Hollywood feature.

Here’s how:
  1. Activate AutoDCP  (connect to your dropbox account)
  2. upload your source to your dropbox account folder dropbox/apps/autodcp
  3. review the preflight report and when happy pay the invoice, autodcp will make a dcp and put it in your dropbox/apps/AutoDCP/dcps
  4. share the folder with your festival or whomever you like

Need help, check out our support page here.

Making a DCP

If you need to make a DCP with AutoDCP simple follow these steps:

  1. Drag your source from your Desktop into your Dropbox/apps/AutoDCP folder.
  2. AutoDCP will detect that you have a ‘new job’ and send you notices via email, on any necessary next steps.
  3. You will receive via email a ‘Preflight’ report as well as a paypal invoice.   Review the ‘Preflight’ report for accuracy and if satified pay the paypal invoice.   Your DCP being processing upon payment of the paypal invoice.
  4. After your DCP is made it will appear within your Dropbox/apps/AutoDCP/dcps.  You can now actually deliver it to your festival.

For more information check the bottom of any page after logging in for commonly asked questions, or of course file a support ticket, we are always happy to help.

Pricing details may be found here.

Filmmakers will need the following to work with AutoDCP
  1. Dropbox Account
    • Enough free space in their Dropbox account to accomodate their final DCP as well as their source
    • The free version of Dropbox is not big enough
    • Dropbox Professional is $20/month and includes a 30 day free trial
  2. Dropbox Desktop App installed and an ability to work with the Desktop app.  How to install Dropbox can be found HERE.  Do not use safari/chrome/IE to upload/download files directly to dropbox.com website, use their app.   Uploading large files directly to dropbox.com does not work.   Using the dropbox app on your desktop works just fine for any size file.
  3. A reliable fast network, 100mb/s or better, ie cable modem or better.  A cell phone network (5g or otherwise) is not good enough for large file deliveries, or simply will take too long.
  4. Ability to work with Paypal (paypal acount is not required, payment can be made via paypal or credit card)
  5. Ability to work with email, all notices are sent via email
  6. Filmmakers are expected to use AutoDCP themselves, ie they do the uploads and create DCP’s with AutoDCP tools.
What if a Filmmaker can’t use Dropbox?
  • The filmmaker and festival can make other arrangement for the filmmaker.  AutoDCP is not able to help with other methods such as ftp, fedex, aspera etc.
  • We can refer a filmmaker to 3rd parties which can do this for them.   Such 3rd parties offer “white glove services”, at varying costs depending on the extra level of support a filmmaker may need.
  • We do offer direct connection methods for the following studios:  WB, Universal, Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Disney, Netflix, and Sony.  If you are studio feel free to contact us about direct connect options.
Content requiring KDM’s, content from a major post house (eg Deluxe), or content being handled by a distributor
  • Content already in theatrical distribution should NOT use AutoDCP.  AutoDCP is best suited for indie content coming directly from a creator.  Content in distribution should use traditional delivery methods, booking, trafficking, delivery, etc.
  • Content requiring KDM’s (encrypted content), can not be handled by AutoDCP.  All logistics  related to KDM’s must be handle directly by the festival and the filmmaker.
  • Last minute reels should be handled by traditional HDD/CRU hand delivery to the projection room.
Festival Requirements:  In addition to the above festivals need the following.
  1. At least 2 TB Dropbox space.  All DCP’s are gathered by AutoDCP in the festival’s Dropbox account.   Therefore you need sufficient space to hold all the filmmakers DCP’s.
  2. A Desktop computer reliably connected to the internet.
    • With at least 2TB of free space, i.e. enough space to sync to your Dropbox folder with all your DCPs.
    • The Dropbox app installed on your desktop so it sync’s your DCP’s in the background.
    • Directly connected to your router via ethernet.   In short a reliable fast connection.   Using wifi will simply slow you down.
    • What we mean by ‘desktop’ is something that you leave on, and constantly connected to the internet.   Using your laptop which is in constant flux is not a great idea.   Best is an editorial system, or similar reliable work type computer.
  3. Hard drives(s) big enough to hold all your show’s DCP’s.   While it needs to be big, it must be no bigger then 2 TB as that is the largest HDD supported by theaters.  You are welcome to ask the theater if it can accept larger drives, but test this with your theater several weeks before your festival.
    • On a PC
      • format the external HDD as NTFS (or ext2).
      • change Dropbox settings to sync to this drive
    • On a Mac (you’ll need two drives)
      • format drive #1 normally
      • change Dropbox settings to sync to drive #1
      • format drive #2 as NTFS (using paragon mac plugin)
      • after the show is completely sync’d, copy the entire DCP deliverables folder to drive #2.
      • deliver drive #2 to the theater.