AutoDCP Digital Delivery Serivces.

Using AutoDCP’s e-delivery service

Using our e-delivery service is easy.

  1. First things first, filmmakers need to have a Dropbox account with enough space to hold their DCP.   They will likely need to upgrade their Dropbox account in order to have enough space.
  2. Activate AutoDCP.  Each festival has its own special link (provided by AutoDCP and sent to filmmakers by the festival runner in an introductory email). A filmakers simply click it to activate AutoDCP and automatically register themselves with the festival.
  3. E-delivery
    1. Filmmakers copy their DCP to their Dropbox account (unless previously done automatically by making a DCP with AutoDCP). For more information check out this video.
    2. Next deliver it.  To see how, check out this video.
    3. AutoDCP e-delivery service is a monthly subscription service which costs the filmmaker $10/month.   Filmmakers are welcome to use the e-delivery service with other participating festivals or cancel the service at any time.  There is no cost to the festival to receive DCP’s via AutoDCP e-delivery service.
    4. Upon successful e-delivery both the festival and the filmmaker will receive an email confirmation.

* Digital delivery services only available to select festivals, theaters and screening rooms world wide.   If you wish to join the list of screens available, email us, or fill in this form.

Aspera Support

For professional Hollywood clients AutoDCP is also able to process Aspera packages.   We offer full studio integration via methodolgies as outline here:  IBM Aspera workflow.


You can also send content via an aspera package by emailing your package delivery details to autodcp@autodcp.com, please allow extra time to process.

Paypal Subscriptions

To update your subscription preferences, you do this from within paypal.  You can learn more here.   For example to cancel your e-delivery subscription.

Canceling your subscription will not delete or prevent you from accessing your previously created or uploaded DCP’s.   As long as you continue to maintain your Dropbox account you can do whatever you like with your DCP’s (with the exception of using the AutoDCP e-delivery service).

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