AutoDCP Debuts New Terrestrial Film Delivery System at Cinegear Film Festival and Expo

AutoDCP Debuts New Terrestrial Film Delivery System at Cinegear Film Festival and Expo
New System Provides Faster and More Efficient Method for DCP Delivery to Theaters


At this year’s Cinegear Expo & Film Festival held annually, a new terrestrial system developed by local company AutoDCP was used to deliver content to the Paramount theater.   This new delivery system uses an automated cloud-based system to deliver, catalog and verify DCPs to a secure micro PC device in the theater’s projection booth. The new technology offers several key advantages over typical satellite and courier-based DCP delivery methods including lower prices, instant notification when content is available as well as earlier and faster delivery than can be accomplished via courier.


“With projectionists handling anywhere from a mere few to hundreds of DCPs, it can be very challenging to manage all these materials in the booth,” said AutoDCP Sales Director (and veteran studio projection expert) Eric Sauer.  “Satellite delivery requires you get everything ready and send it all in one shot at the last minute (praying that everything in there is correct.) Courier-based delivery subjects the process to the unpredictability and wait times associated with local traffic.  There’s no frustration quite like waiting up there in the booth as you await last minute change transmissions from the satellite feed or you find out your content is stuck in a Fedex Plane or an Uber on the 405.”


AutoDCP’s terrestrial system automates the process in the cloud, delivers to a secure appliance, and notifies projectionists as soon as content is ready.  This allows projectionists to validate DCPs as they come in and be ready for display well before show time. AutoDCP’s system is also in use by commercial advertising companies who frequently need to send ads, promos, updates and more to be added to film pre-rolls.


“We have been approached by multiple parties asking for a way to make the DCP delivery process more efficient, more secure, better organized, and faster,” said AutoDCP CTO Brian Quandt.  “Our technology can be used to deliver custom content, ads, trailers and promos in systems that are faster and less expensive than either satellite or courier delivery. And as terrestrial transmission gets faster and prices continue to drop, these advantages will become increasingly obvious over time.”


According to Sauer, this new technology can also be used to make film festival delivery pain free.


“For projectionists, film festivals can be an absolute nightmare,” said Eric.   “With this system, festival participants can simply drop their content into a secure cloud location, the content is automatically converted and shows up moments later as an industry standard DCP in the projection booth.  This makes managing festival content a breeze.”